HDR Before & After Gallery: Thames River & a House in London

You might already check out my HDR Gallery: Thames River and A House in London. And you might wonder how does it look like before the HDR processing. Every final HDR image here are actually consisting of 3 photos, that are taken in 3 different light exposure. It’s called exposure bracketing. The 3 images are a photo with normal exposure, an over-exposed shot, and an under-exposed one

This normal exposure shot is…. well, normal shot, just like when you are using auto mode of your camera to take a single photo. Over-exposed photo is the blaring one (too bright), and under-exposed photo is the dark one.

From your set of original photos, you can make many different interpretation. In most of the case I saw lately, seems like the surrealism effect  is the most popular one. It’s very impressive indeed, and I love it. But HDR technique is not limited to just that.  Whether you want to make it just realistic but vibrant, or you want to make it soft like in Elven world, or make it like a painting, or else, it’s all your choice.

The “before” photo (left) in this gallery is the “normal exposure” one.

1. It was a sunny day. Check out the normal exposure shot in the left. Close-by branches and leaves look almost like silhouette only because it was dark. The gorgeous blue sky looks pale because it was really bright and it was outside what the camera can handle (out of range). This normal exposure shot takes the overall details, but failed in capturing the detail of the shadows and highlights. Combining this picture with over-exposed and under-exposed ones and processing them with HDR technique, you get the picture in the right, which every details is accentuated in the nice color and great detail.
HDR Thames River Ontario 14e - before and after DP

2. Depends on your artistic mood, you can make many different HDR interpretation. In this one, I want to keep the bright light feeling to it, the way I saw the river that day. Using this tone, the perfect reflection of the trees across the river looks really fresh. It makes me feel like in an Elven world.
HDR Thames River Ontario 04a - before and after DP

3. In here, I like to emphasize the freshness of each different kind of green in front of me.
HDR Thames River Ontario 03 - before and after DP

4. The original actually looks quite good already, but the blue sky was out of range so it looks washed out here. So I bring the sky back to life. The result makes this photograph look like a painting.
HDR Thames River Ontario 20 - before and after DP

5. Painting style
HDR A House in London 19 - before and after DP

6. Making objects outdoor as vibrat as obejcts indoor
HDR A House in London 29 - before and after DP

7. To the darker area in the left, things look dark. Objects near window looks bright by the sunlight, and you can’t see outside the window. With HDR, you can emphasize all of those details in their vibrant color. I actually like the original one too, it gives the light and shade feeling of the actual room, the sense of being there.
HDR A House in London 33 - before and after DP

8. Painting style
HDR A House in London 10c - before and after DP

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